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Report a Repair

Whatever your request, if you need a repair or investigation into something like damp or mould, please click here to fill in our online form.


Money Advice

If you are struggling please consider speaking to our Money Matters Advice Service

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Pay Your Rent

Find out the ways you can pay your rent from online to in person.

Team NDH 2019

Join our team

Come and join Team NDH - check out our latest vacancies and benefits.

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Be aware of scammers

There are lots of scammers who are constantly looking for new, clever ways to access your money.

These include calls about repairs to your home, insurance for alarm systems or callers pretending to be from your bank.

Assume any call you don't recognise is a scam, unless the caller can prove otherwise and never share your bank details or any personal information over the telephone or by email.

Stay safe and protect yourself from potential fraud.

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Damp, mould & condensation

Does your home suffer from damp, mould and condensation? Did you know that two people in a house for a day can create up to 24 pints of moisture in the air?

There are some things you can do to help reduce the problem. Visit our dedicated webpage to find out some ways to reduce or remove moisture from the air or to report a case of severe damp or mould to us.

Welcome to North Devon Homes

Working together to create communities
where people want to live

North Devon Homes (NDH) is a registered charity providing affordable homes for people who need them. We are a housing association covering the North Devon district and have over 3,300 homes we are responsible for, providing accommodation to over 10,000 customers.

We are committed to creating communities where people want to live and continuously invest in the neighbourhoods in which we work. We are more than just a housing association and run community groups, events and work with many partners across the area to improve our local communities.

We run a number of additional support services including personal alarms and independent living services.

As well as our build and improvement programme through NDH, we also have a subsidiary company, Anchorwood Ltd, that builds and sells homes for market sale. Any profits made through Anchorwood Ltd are reinvested back into NDH and the provision of affordable homes for people who need them in the local area.

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