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Finding beauty in the countryside

Autumn. The season of fiery colours, falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. What better place is there to spend it than the countryside? With deep, rolling hills and long, meandering rivers, Devon is a sight to behold. Lined with sandy beaches and in the embrace of nature, it holds the promise of something more than the bustling cities can offer.

Row of autumn trees with leaves falling

Peace. And calm. The air is so clean here, so free of pollution, that Exmoor has been named one of the best sites for stargazing in the UK. At night, the stars shine in all their sparkling glory, glittering in the clear sky. It is an incredible and awe-inspiring experience for any eager adventurer. This is a hidden gem located right here in Devon.

stargazing people with a night sky

Devon is fringed with long beaches, ideal for surfing and body boarding. Though the water can be cold, it is definitely worth the effort of adjusting to it. Just make sure that you have a wetsuit on hand, though. To make acclimatisation to the ocean easier, there are two approaches which you can take. You can proceed inch by inch, until you are comfortable with the temperature. Or the braver among us will plunge right in, without hesitation. The choice is yours.

Hiking along the coastal path is a must for anyone who enjoys scenic views. The soaring cliffs and gleaming ocean are a breath-taking change from the tower blocks of the cities. The South West Coast Path takes you on a tour of Devon’s most stunning views, many of which have been named by the National Trust (for example Baggy Point and Morte Point). These are well worth the walk. The exercise is also beneficial for your health and mental wellbeing.

In addition to walking, biking is also popular in our area. The Tarka Trail offers a smooth surface to cycle down. There are many keen cyclists in Devon, so you can easily join their ranks. Alternatively, you could make use of the trails by going for a run, walking your dog or taking photos. There are some great views from the paths, that are the aspiring photographer’s dream.

Row of moorland against a road

Rosemoor garden is an ideal place to meet up with friends and family, while enjoying nature. It is a beautiful complex of overlapping sections, with many different types of flowers and plants. You could visit the café or enjoy a picnic by the lake. It is a social environment, where you can take part in their many events, courses and workshops.

Although some may think of countryside life a slow moving, there is always something to do. Surfing, biking, running, horse riding, gardening, chess or bowling. There are so many opportunities here, in the heart of nature. Maybe you will discover something new.