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Decking with frost on it

Keeping your Decking Safe this Winter

If you have a property with decking and it’s unlikely you will use it over the winter months, then the best thing to do is to put a cover over it – a tarpaulin, for example – so that it is protected from the worst of the British winter weather and ready for you when spring comes.

If you are lucky enough to catch some winter sunshine and think you might pop out now and again, then please take steps to routinely clean your decking to prevent the boards becoming a slip hazard:

  • Keep decking clean and free of moss, mould and algae, which make it slippery
  • Sweep up fallen leaves
  • Paint with texturised paint to make it non-slip – or add sand to exterior paint to give it some texture
  • Treat with non-slip oil
  • Consider putting down some non-slip grip pads so you have extra traction when it’s icy
  • Remove snow with a plastic shovel or something non-metal that won’t scratch or damage the wood underneath.