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Our Corporate Plan - Me

Our journey for the next three years

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Plan, which is a plan for our business for the next three years. This plan is split into four sections, Me, My Home, My Neighbourhood and My Landlord. This article focuses on our key points for the 'Me' part of the plan, looking at what's important to customers  and what affects them directly.

We will continue to put the customer at the heart of everything we do

We want to ensure that we get to know our customers. We want to hear their views on our services, and to engage with customers so that they understand how they can influence those services.

We will remain accountable to our customers and ensure they have a say in the decision making process

Our priorities and decisions will be informed and defined by a strong customer voice through our Customer Involvement Strategy and formal customer groups, as well as what we learn from complaints, satisfaction surveys and other feedback. We will publish our progress in an annual report to customers.

We will work with customers to help them sustain strong tenancies and work with them to tackle inequality

We will tackle inequality in North Devon by supporting those facing inequality issues or challenges and by maintaining our preventative services for all our customers.

We know customers’ lives are changing and the need to be more flexible in contacting us is important, so we will work hard to provide more digital ways for them to reach us, at a time to suit them

Our service offer will enable self-service and choice online for those who can access it, with most services available online. We will provide telephone and in person support to those who choose not to access online services.

This plan has been built with our customers, board and team to make sure we cover the range of issues that are most important. We have kept in mind the economic struggles faced by our customers and communities as this will affect the amount we have to invest into our communities over the next three years.

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