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My Home

Our Corporate Plan - My Home

Our journey for the next three years

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Plan, which is a plan for our business for the next three years. This plan is split into four sections, Me, My Home, My Neighbourhood and My Landlord. This article focuses on our key points for the 'My Home' part of the plan, looking at what our plans are for our customers' homes.

We will provide customers with a safe and secure home in a good state of repair

We will ensure that our homes will be safe and healthy by making sure they are fully compliant with relevant legislation. 

We will continue to improve our Repairs and Maintenance service and seek more feedback from our customers to ensure we listen to where improvements can be made

We will gather real-time, independent data on customer satisfaction with repairs to establish baseline performance and look to improve satisfaction over time.

We will work on ensuring that all our homes are energy efficient and work towards ensuring they all have an Energy Rating of Band C or above by 2030

We will invest and build to deliver warm and efficient homes for our customers by increasing the energy efficiency of our homes to Band C or above by 2030, and reducing fuel poverty as we do so.

We aim to build over 200 new homes in the area in three years - a mixture of affordable, social rent, shared ownership and market sale homes

Some of these new homes will come from our subsidiary brand, Anchorwood Ltd, whose profits are reinvested into NDH to fund even more affordable homes in the area.

This plan has been built with our customers, board and team to make sure we cover the range of issues that are most important. We have kept in mind the economic struggles faced by our customers and communities as this will affect the amount we have to invest into our communities over the next three years.

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