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My Landlord

Our Corporate Plan - My Landlord

Our journey for the next three years

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Plan, which is a plan for our business for the next three years. This plan is split into four sections, Me, My Home, My Neighbourhood and My Landlord. This article focuses on our key points for the 'My Landlord' part of the plan, showing what our plans are for us as a landlord for both our customers and Team NDH.

At NDH we will continue to have a strong and effective governance structure to make sure everything we do is for the right reasons

We have a strong board of governance.  We will ensure that we comply with the NHF Code of Governance 2020.

We will continue to invest in our training programme for staff, apprentices and offer career progression to ensure we ‘grow our own’ within Team NDH to offer the best service possible to customers

We will invest in our staff and manage and nurture talent to ensure strong leadership and effective succession plans.  We will ‘grow our own’ talent through apprenticeships and progression routes.

We will continue our transition to more digital and flexible ways of working to reflect the move into a modern world

We will take opportunities to enhance and develop our Team NDH culture and embrace new ways of working.  We will undertake a digital transformation to use information intelligently; keep data safe and secure; and to improve and make our business more effective and efficient.

We will look to be as carbon neutral as a business as possible by the end of the three years, making sure we have less impact on our planet with the service we offer

We will use Information Technology to ensure that we are agile and that staff can work effectively from different locations.  Where we can, we will aim to deliver a net positive or neutral impact on the environment, using offsetting where we cannot achieve this directly. We will track and monitor our carbon footprint to understand and reduce it over time

This plan has been built with our customers, board and team to make sure we cover the range of issues that are most important. We have kept in mind the economic struggles faced by our customers and communities as this will affect the amount we have to invest into our communities over the next three years.

To read more about our Corporate Plan, please read our other articles or watch our video below.