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Our Corporate Plan - My Neighbourhood

Our journey for the next three years

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our Corporate Plan, which is a plan for our business for the next three years. This plan is split into four sections, Me, My Home, My Neighbourhood and My Landlord. This article focuses on our key points for the 'My Neighbourhood' part of the plan - looking at what our plans are for our customers' communities.

We will continue to be a Community Landlord, offering services beyond those of a normal landlord, such as financial advice, independent living support, alarm services and young person support

By offering a wider range of services, we will help build resilient neighbourhoods for all our customers - supporting them on many fronts, eg fuel poverty and financial exclusion; or by helping through the use of our specialised young and older persons’ services.

We will work with local partners, businesses and the local authorities to ensure that we all work together on local issues that are important to our communities

We will work to sustain communities in North Devon through working in partnership with local place based initiatives, supporting local businesses and supply chains, and bringing young people into work through our apprenticeships offer

We will look to improve the offer to our communities and implement changes to our estates, such as electric car charging points and more green space, among others

By delivering our Environmental Strategy we will improve green spaces in our communities.  We will ensure that environmental aims are at the forefront as we design future neighbourhoods, such as open spaces, electric car charging, sustainable heating and carbon reduction.

We aim to improve the wellbeing of our customers with everything we do

By working in partnership with health-related and other stakeholders, we will ensure that the homes and services we offer contribute to the wellbeing of all our customers.

This plan has been built with our customers, board and team to make sure we cover the range of issues that are most important. We have kept in mind the economic struggles faced by our customers and communities as this will affect the amount we have to invest into our communities over the next three years.

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