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Team restructure means more support for customers in need

The Community Services Team

Our residents can now access a ‘team around the home’ support system for practical advice in assisting them to maintain healthy tenancies.

In a restructure of our services here at North Devon Homes we have created a new Community Services Team which combines our Neighbourhood Services Team with our Independent Living Services and we've introduced a new Specialist Support Team. Lindsey Eastman, Head of Customer and Housing Services, explains more.

“As a community landlord we have always worked hard to support our customers in more than just tenancy related matters. Everything from money issues to young person support, to mental health. We’ve noticed over the last few years that as more external services have had budget and resources cut, we have been a lifeline for many customers who may be struggling to find the support they need.

In restructuring the way we do things and introducing a new dedicated Specialist Support Team, we can work more closely with our customers to deliver tailored support and find the help they need.”

Our new team specialises in supporting customers and young people who need help with mental wellbeing concerns, trauma, addiction, family challenges and so much more. In working closely with each customer and other external agencies, we will co-ordinate a tailored, person-centred support plan to help them achieve their goal. This complements the ongoing work of our Neighbourhood Team who help address tenancy related issues and neighbourhood disputes and our Independent Living Services Team offering practical support for residents to help them live independently.

“We are dedicated to supporting our customers to live well and sustain their tenancies,’ adds Jennifer Westacott, Community Services Manager. “By merging all three areas of specialism and expertise together in one service, we can offer more bespoke support to help our customers. Whether it’s signposting people to the relevant agencies, offering practical living advice, assisting with family or relationship breakdowns or helping young people through day-to-day challenges, our teams help by working around the home and the family. This is a really exciting time for everyone in our service.”

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