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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Summary

We have undertaken full risk assessments to address the risk of Covid-19 to our staff, customers and partners, in line with current government advice. Our risk assessments cover all sites from which our staff operate. We regularly review and update our risk assessments to ensure they meet current government guidance.

Measures include:

  • Where staff are not returning to office, making every effort to ensure our staff can work safely and effectively from home.
  • Introducing social distancing rules for staff in the office and when we're working in the community.
  • Separating staff into different weekly shift patterns in order to reduce the risk of ill health.
  • Ensuring an enhanced cleaning and hygiene regime for our staff and contractors to follow.
  • Limiting staff contact with residents and members of the public.
  • Asking customers if they or anyone in their household are showing symptoms of Covid-19 symptoms before we visit.
  • Ensuring our repairs team are in a different room from residents when they carry out a repair.  
  • Enabling our staff to carry out their jobs safely by providing suitable protective equipment.

If you'd like any more information please contact the team on 01271 312500 or email [email protected].

Updated 08.01.2021