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We have, as a Forum, covered a number of topics in detail to enable members to be confident when dealing with health and safety concerns.

Will Bowden has led training in: incident and near miss reporting and investigation, Fire Safety Management and Fire Risk Assessment, Risk Assessment and the NDH Risk Register, housing hazards and civil liability. The purpose of the training is to inform and up skill group members to enable them to better challenge, influence and inform the partnership.

The forum of members and staff are working together to keep homes and workplaces safe for all and future training will be designed to meet the challenges we face. Currently we are looking at the North Devon Homes health and safety policy and procedures.

I am very pleased to say that the group have appointed a new vice chairperson, Kate Olds.  I look to working with Kate and the rest of the group to continue our exciting development of the forum.

The forum meets twice a month, at present, and we are always looking for new members so if you have an interest in joining this friendly group please contact Tracey Williams on [email protected]

Jane Ricketts
Chair of Health and Safety Partnership Forum