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Customer Care Team

Customer Notice: Third Party Authorisation / Chosen Representative

As part of a data review during our systems upgrade we have been working on a new policy review for our 'Third Party Authorisation' (now known as Chosen Representatives) to ensure all our data is up to date and correct.

We have been working with customers on this policy over the past few months and now with the new system in place we will be making a cleanse of old authorisations.

We have written to all customers who have a third party authorisation and asked for them to complete and sign a form to add a Chosen Representative to their account to speak to us on their behalf. Please note, the form states proof is required to prove relationship, the proof required is for Power of Attorney relationships.

In the short term we will continue to uphold previous authorisations until Friday 16th July when we will no longer be able to speak to your third party without the new form being returned to us.

If you need any help at all please call 01271 312500 or email the team on [email protected]. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form.

To download a copy of the form click below.