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Finding new ways to hear our customer’s voices

North Devon Homes relies on feedback from our customers to help us monitor our service standards. By taking feedback, we can use the results to inform our service and make improvements in areas where we may not be meeting customer expectations.

From early April, we will be trialling a new telephone service designed to gather feedback from customers who have had a recent repair from us.

The new system will aim to contact you within 48 hours of your work being completed on our system; this will allow you to give us feedback whilst the service is still fresh in your mind.

How will I know it is you calling?

You will receive a telephone call from us, on the phone number 01271 500002, which will be in the form of a recorded message.

When you answer your phone, you will hear our message stating we are calling from North Devon Homes and asking if you were satisfied with the service you received.

The survey takes a few minutes to complete and will allow you to press the buttons on your keypad to answer the questions, where 1 is dissatisfied and 5 is satisfied. You will also get the opportunity to record a message to go alongside your scores whether good or bad.

We will attempt to call a couple of times after your repair, but if we are not successful at getting through to you, we may leave you a voicemail or send you a text message to gather your feedback. If you don’t receive a call or miss the messages and still wish to leave feedback please do complete our online feedback form or call us on 01271 312500 and we’ll happily take your responses.

What happens with the survey results?

Our team will look at all results in detail to identify the areas where we are performing well and those which have room for improvement. Where we receive negative feedback, a member of our Asset Management Team or Customer Care Team will ring you within two working days to discuss the issue.

Our team will consider all results and, in consultation with our involved customer groups such as C90, will decide on any actions we can take to improve the overall level of our repairs service. We will feedback details of our findings and any resulting action through our website and customer communications such as social media and Home News.

As you would expect, all information will be kept safe and secure, and handled in accordance with the data protection regulations.

These surveys will help NDH make service improvements for customers, so we are encouraging all customers to complete them when they receive them. However, this is an optional survey so if you have any worries please do contact us directly on [email protected] or call 01271 312500.