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The importance of ventilation

We have received Government guidance to remind customers about the importance of ventilating their homes during the pandemic. The virus is an airborne disease and so by opening your windows for a short while at regular times throughout the day you put yourself at lower risk to catching Coronarvirus.

It's vitally important to open windows and keep doors open wherever possible when you have guests around in your home as this is the time when you are most as risk.

Ventilation for the virus isn't the only benefit either. By opening your vents you can reduce condensation in your home which is a leading cause of damp and mould. Most newer windows will have a trickle vent similar to that pictured below, or you should have the opportunity to open your window by around 1cm and reclose the handle to offer a vented window. For older windows that don't have this option we'd encourage you to open your windows regularly to let air flow through and ensure they are open during high moisture inducing activities such as showers, washing clothes or cooking.