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Staying healthy when you retire

Retirement can bring a new lease of life, free time to spend how you wish, or it could feel like a burden with too much free time on your hands to try and fill. This article is for the people experiencing or worried about the latter, how do you ensure that you firstly enjoy your retirement, but also stay healthy when you may not be going to a workplace every day.

You may be retiring fully or just taking reduced hours at your current or a new role. But what about your free time? We think there are 10 things you can do to keep your mind and body healthy when you retire.

  1. Exercise

OK, this one is a bit obvious. Keeping up with even mild exercise will keep your body healthy. It will help with more than just things like weight loss though. Exercise can be focussed to keep bones and joints healthy as well as muscle growth.

  1. Play!

Playtime isn’t just for kids! Having fun and having playtime can mean a variety of things to different people. So you may be picturing hopscotch in the playground, but it might also mean playing board games, doing puzzles or completing mind games. Playtime will help keep your mind sharp and is proven to help slow the symptoms of Dementia.

  1. Stay in touch

One of the biggest risks of getting older is being isolated and lonely. Make sure when you retire you make time for socialising. This could be with old friends from work, family or even just making new friends at the local shop, library or community centre.

  1. Go to events

The last point leads nicely into our next, making new friends can be hard and so we’d encourage everyone (of all ages!) to go to local community events. Here at NDH we host a range of events, from coffee mornings to bingo. Everyone is welcome and there’s something for everyone throughout the year.

  1. Reduce alcohol and smoking

You’ve probably had this lecture your whole life, so why should you give up on alcohol and smoking now? We won’t go into the obvious risks of both these things but both can have a detrimental effect on your mind and body and so combined with other factors can play a large part in ruining your latter years.

  1. Eat well

Keeping your body healthy with exercise is one thing, but you need to eat the right foods to balance this out. It’s not about losing weight for everyone, but eating the right foods and having the right vitamins is vital as you get older and your body needs strength to fight off illness.

  1. See your doctor

Take your doctor up on regular health checks and when free scans and checks are available take them up on any offers. Keep up with your jabs and keep your body healthy with the medicines you need.

  1. Keep safe at home

If you live alone, or maybe have worries of falling or being home alone when something does happen you can take precautions and look into personal and household safety alarms. There are many different types of devices and systems available, which ours is just one of the available.

  1. Get a hobby

Maybe some of the suggestions above about events doesn’t work for you? Maybe you prefer to have alone time? Well try to find a new hobby that will keep your mind busy. Having something to work on or focus on throughout the day will help to keep your mind alive.

  1. Seek help

If you are a customer of NDH and live in one of our homes you have additional support available to you when you need it. Whether it’s a tenancy issue, independent living support or some kind of specialist support we have someone to help you find the support you need.