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Advantage South West

In 2004 we set up a partnership with three other South West housing associations and formed the Advantage South West partnership of which North Devon Homes (NDH) holds a 25% share. Since it was formed the group have added more members across the South West and have created a committee of like-minded organisations to help to combat the housing crisis in the area.

The partnership is designed to help reduce the costs to the members by procuring products on a mass scale rather than on an individual basis. By streamlining our framework, we are all able to benefit from the lower costs of production and maintenance of our supplies.

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The group works together to find mutual benefits in everything that we do. This includes working on combined recruitment and training services, procurement of products such as kitchens and even working together on projects such as modern construction methods and eco housing initiatives.

In the few years it has been running it has saved each member thousands of pounds in discounts and streamlining by working together to help tackle the affordable housing shortage.