Mobility Scooters

Do you own a mobility scooter or are you thinking of getting one? If you are renting your home from us and are living in a block of flats you will need permission from us first.

We understand the benefits that mobility scooters can provide and wish to support our customers who use them to retain their independence as much as is reasonably possible. However, most of our homes were built before mobility scooters were available, and were not designed to accommodate them.

Issues such as safe storage, access and battery charging need to be considered prior to purchasing a mobility scooter. We’ll need to check that there is a suitable storage area for the scooter when you are not using it and somewhere appropriate to charge it.

If a scooter can be stored and used safely we will give permission, but regrettably this may not always be the case. Some examples when we may refuse permission include:

  • Where there are no suitable areas available for the safe storage of your mobility scooter
  • Where the only access to your home is via a lift – use of mobility scooters in lifts is not permitted

In order to comply with fire regulations, mobility scooters must not be stored in communal corridors, hallways, lounges or under communal stairs. 

We promote the safe storage and use of mobility scooters for customers who live on our sheltered housing schemes or in a block of flats. The health and safety of all our customers, staff and visitors is a priority and we want to ensure that mobility scooters are used without affecting the quality of life of others who may live at our properties.

If you are considering purchasing a mobility scooter please use our enquiry form to request permission.