We now live in an era where car ownership has reached unprecedented levels and many homes have more than one car. This can cause issues in areas where there is limited parking available.

If you have a vehicle please make sure you park responsibly and considerately. Always use the authorised areas for parking your vehicles. Parking in the wrong place may cause problems for emergency services, refuse collectors or visitors.

Unless there are local parking restrictions giving a right to a particular space, residents do not have automatic rights to a parking space on a public road or in front of their home. Any member of the public may park in any street, providing they comply with other parking restrictions/ regulations and do not cause obstructions. However, residents do have a right of access to their driveway and this must not be obstructed.

In resident car parks, managed by North Devon Homes and with no allocated parking bays, spaces are filled on a first come first served basis. Some of our car parks are permit controlled and are patrolled by a parking enforcement agency. If parking in a resident’s car park please ensure you park according to the parking regulations and always display permits where required.

Things to be aware of while parking include making sure you are not on yellow lines or zig-zags at pedestrian crossings, if parked slightly on the pavement, you are allowing a wheelchair to get past safely, and that you are not blocking someone's driveway or access for emergency services.

The local council and the police have wide powers to remove vehicles that are illegally parked, causing an obstruction on the highway or that are abandoned. We will ask the council to tow away any untaxed or abandoned vehicles which are on our land, and they will charge the owner the cost of doing this.

Parking Permits

We have a number of sites with car parking that require permits. Each household living on the site is entitled to a resident’s parking permit for their own vehicle and a visitor’s permit.

You must provide proof of ownership and the registration of your vehicle to obtain a residents parking permit. This will usually be in the V5 document.

Our car parks are patrolled and enforced by Premier Park. Any queries regarding parking tickets should be directed to them on 0871 231 9907.

If you would like to make an enquiry about parking permits please contact us.