Your Garden

If you have a garden, we hope you enjoy using your outside space. Well kept, tidy gardens help to make neighbourhoods pleasant places to live for all residents.

If you have a garden, you are responsible for maintaining:

Flowers and flower beds




• Gates

• Fences (except those that back onto public footpaths / farmland - these are maintained by North Devon Homes)

If you want to put up a shed, green house or any other construction or you would like to landscape your garden with features such as decking and patios you must request permission from us first.

Please click here to read our Permissions leaflet or contact us to request permission for alterations you would like to make to your garden.

We have a grounds maintenance programme to help keep communal grounds tidy and looking good. This includes a number of services such as grass and hedge cutting, shrub maintenance and weed control.

Please click here to find out more about our grounds maintenance programme