Rent Charges

We charge rent to cover the cost of repairs and maintenance, future improvements and the provision of other services to all our customers. It is important that we collect all rent, service charges, costs and recharges due.

Why is my rent different to my neighbours?

There are two main types of rent charge.  These are affordable rents and social rents. 

Affordable rents are set at 20% below a market valuation.

Social rents are set using a formula which takes into account the property value, local earnings and the property size.  You can find more information at

How do I apply for a refund to collect the overpayment I have made on my rent account?

If you would like a refund of a credit on your account please email giving your full name and address.  Please put ‘refund request’ in the email title.  If a refund is payable we will send a cheque within 15 working days.  If you have a joint tenancy the cheque will be sent out in both names – you will need a joint bank account.

How do I obtain a statement for my rent account?

You will be sent a rent statement every April for the previous 12 months. If you would like a rent statement in the meantime please email giving your full name and address and put ‘rent statement request’ in the email title.

Ending your tenancy – paying your remaining rent payment

You will need to pay your rent to cover the 4 week notice period.  If you receive housing benefit and you move before the end of your notice period your entitlement will end.  You may be entitled to benefit to cover this period but you must make a formal request to the Council in advance.