Charging For Repairs

Recharges are costs we charge for undertaking repairs works or other services where the works are considered to be the responsibility of the customer. A recharge is made when we complete the works required on behalf of our customer and then recover the cost from them.

Our customers are responsible for the cost of carrying out any repairs to their home, which are not the result of fair wear and tear, as stated in the tenancy agreement.

 Some examples of chargeable items are shown below:

  • Alterations undertaken without North Devon Homes’ prior consent
  • Unsatisfactory home alterations
  • Customer appliances causing electrical or other faults
  • Gaining access due to lost or forgotten keys
  • Gaining access to make safe emergency repairs
  • Clearance of rubbish from an empty property or garden
  • Reinstatement or cultivation of an unkempt or untended garden on empty properties (e.g. grass cutting, hedge trimming etc)
  • Blockages e.g sink or drain, where blockage has been caused by by improper use such as cooking fat, nappies, wet wipes etc
  • Broken window – board up, make safe and re-glazing
  • Changing of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes or starter units, e.g. where the light fitting has a removable cover
  • Repeated missed appointments

Click here to read our Recharge Policy.

If you would like any further information about recharges please contact us.