Making changes to your home

Making alterations to your home

It is very important that you get our ok in writing to make any alterations to your home prior to undertaking the works. This is an important part of your tenancy agreement with North Devon Homes.


Can I improve or alter my home?

You will need our ok if you want to:

  • Add anything to your home from an extension to a garden shed
  • Fix anything significant to the outside including TV aerials, satellite dishes and waterbutts
  • Take anything out or knock anything down or change the layout
  • Landscape the garden, plant or remove trees or hedges

In basic terms whilst we are happy for customers to prepare walls for decorations there must be care taken where there may be asbestos materials in artex or boards and so you are asked to get our ok in writing for any work that may be harmful to you or your home.


We will normally say yes to your request. However, we will say no if for example:

  • It would reduce the value of the property
  • It would stop us meeting our legal or other responsibilities
  • It would cause a nuisance to your neighbours

If we have to say no we will explain why.

When we give our agreement we might:

  • Set conditions
  • Request the work is done in a particular way
  • Want to inspect any work you have done
  • Ask you to change things back to the way there were should your tenancy end

How to ask us to make changes to your home

The easiest way to apply is to complete our enquiry form. Alternatively give our Customer Care Team a call on 01271 312500 for a form to be sent to you to complete and return.

tv dish

Once we receive your application we will need to consider:

  • Any impact these changes may have on your neighbours
  • Health and safety and/or building regulations
  • Is asbestos present
  • Your rent account balance
  • Your tenancy and the type of tenancy you have with us

You will also be responsible for:

  • Getting other consent you need. For example, around planning or building control
  • Providing us with any certification once the work is complete e.g. electrical certification

We promise to:

  • Treat each application on an individual basis depending on your needs and the type of home you live in
  • Make a decision within 28 days from the date we receive your application
  • If it is helpful, give you help with any aspect of your application, if needed we can provide technical advice.