Our Home Improvements Programme

The Planned Maintenance Team is responsible for the long term maintenance of your home and delivers large scale improvements to approximately 1,000 properties each year. Improvements include

  • replacement kitchens
  •  bathrooms
  •  heating systems
  •  electrical upgrades
  • external decorations

Help us to look after your home

Home improvement surveys

We require a home improvement survey to be carried out periodically to ensure that we hold the correct information about your home. We use this information to plan improvement works to maintain your home and keep it in good condition.

Please help us to look after your home by confirming and keeping home improvement survey appointments when they are booked. If your home requires a survey and you receive a letter from us, it is of benefit to you that this survey takes place as we will not be able to include your home in any improvement works until it has been carried out. The survey should take no longer than 20 minutes during which time our surveyor will check all components including kitchens, bathrooms and external doors.

Who is the Surveyor for the area where I live?

Our surveyors work in designated 'patches' within the North Devon district area. Please click here to find out who the Surveyor is for your area.