Responsibility For Repairs

As your landlord, North Devon Homes is responsible for maintaining the structure (e.g. wall structure and roof structure), and the exterior of your property (e.g. roof covering and rain water goods) and internal services and amenities (e.g. kitchen and heating systems etc) to a good standard as set out by the Decent Homes Standard (2010). 

There are also things that are your responsibility to repair and maintain in your home including internal decorations, your garden, changing light bulbs and maintaining your own fixtures and fittings. For all items that are North Devon Homes' responsibility, where the repair is required due to tenant neglect or damage there will be a recharge for that repair. 

The table below gives a full guide as to who is responsible for repairs to various items around your home.

Item Who? Clarification
Boiler NDH  
Banisters (internal and external) NDH  
Baths NDH When waste pipe blocked
Bin Shelters NDH  
Brickwork (inc. air bricks) NDH  
Ceilings NDH  
Chimney (inc. pots and cowls) NDH  
Chimney Sweeping Tenant Unless only form of heating
Clothes Posts Tenant Except where provided by NDH in communal areas
Coal Bunkers NDH  
Cookers  Tenant Except where provided by NDH in communal areas
Cooker Connection Point NDH  
Communal Areas to Flats NDH  
Cupboards NDH  
Curtain Fixtures Tenant  
Damp Proof Course NDH  
Decoration – Internal Tenant  
Decoration – External NDH  
Doorbell Tenant Except where provided by NDH in communal areas
Door Entry Systems (communal) NDH  
Doors – External NDH  
Doors – Internal NDH Customer damage
Door Fittings (handle and letterbox) NDH  
Door Frames NDH  
Door Locks – External NDH Excluding loss of keys & repairs due to forced entry
Door Locks – Internal Tenant  
Door Name Plate Tenant  
Down Pipe (soil / rain water) NDH  
Drainage (inc. blockages to main drain) NDH When sink, bath or wash hand basin is blocked only.
Driveways NDH  
Drying Areas NDH  
Electric Heating NDH  
Electric Plugs Tenant  
Electric Wiring (inc. sockets and switches) NDH  
Electric Tripping NDH Where tenant’s own appliance is causing the fault
Emergency Lighting (communal) NDH  
Estate Footpaths, Walls NDH  
Fascia Boards / Soffit Boards NDH  
Fence – Boundary onto Road or Path NDH  
Fence – Dividing Properties Tenant Where neighbour (not NDH owned) owns boundary. Party boundary fences
Fire Alarms NDH  
Fire Basket NDH  
Fire Grates and Surrounds NDH  
Fireplace Tiles NDH  
Fire – Gas or Electric NDH  
Floorboards NDH  
Floor Tiles NDH  
Foundations NDH  
Fuse Box NDH  
Fuse Wire / Cartridge Tenant  
Fuse on Plug Tenant  
Garden (maintenance of) Tenant Including turf, repair or replacment of dustbins/wheelie bins & recycling refuse areas.
Garden Paths (front, rear or side) NDH  
Garden Sheds Tenant  
Gas Heating NDH  
Gas Water Heater NDH  
Gas Piping NDH  
Garages NDH  
Greenhouses Tenant  
Gates Tenant Except where N D Homes have originally provided these
Glass - External NDH When broken.  See note below.
Glass – Internal Tenant  
Guttering NDH  
Hatch to Loft NDH  
Handrail – External and Internal NDH  
Immersion Heater NDH  
Insulation to Cold Water Tanks and Pipe Work in Loft NDH  
Keys (replacement) Tenant  
Kitchen Fittings and Worktops NDH  
Lifts NDH  
Light Fittings (ceiling pendants and roses) NDH  
Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes / Starters Tenant  
Lock Ups NDH  
Outbuildings Tenant Except where provided by NDH
Overflow Pipes NDH Overflow must be reported
Parking Areas (communal) NDH  
Pigeon Lofts Tenant (Must have permission)
Plaster (plasterboard) NDH  
Play Areas NDH Communal
Plugs and Chains for Sinks, Basins and Baths Tenant Includes Toilet seats, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, shower curtains, unheated shower rails, toilet roll holders, plugs & chains
Porch NDH  
Pulley (for clothes line) Tenant Except where provided by NDH in communal areas
Pumps NDH  
Radiators NDH  
Retaining Walls in Gardens NDH  
Roof (inc. tiles and slates) NDH  
Roof Light (skylights) NDH  
Rotary Dryer Tenant Unless provided by NDH in communal areas
Sheds Tenant  
Shower Unit Tenant Where no bath is provided.  Only if fitted by NDH.
Sink or basin blockage NDH Except when a blockage occurs that is not the main drain
Skirting NDH  
Smoke Detectors NDH  
Soft Furnishings Tenant  
Solid Fuel Central Heating NDH  
Spin/Tumble Dryers (communal) NDH  
Stairs NDH  
Stair Lighting NDH  
Steps NDH  
Taps NDH  
Toilet Pan and Cistern NDH  
Toilet Seat and Seat Fittings Tenant Except where provided by NDH in communal areas
TV Aerial Tenant Except where communal aerial provided by NDH in flats
Ventilators NDH  
Wash Hand Basin Tenant Except when a blockage occurs that is not the main drain and is tenant misuse
Washers on Taps and Ball Valves NDH  
Washing Machine (communal) NDH  
Washing Machine Connection Point NDH  
Washing Machine Piping to Reach Connection Point Tenant  
Water Heating NDH  
Water Supply (hot and cold storage tanks and pipes) NDH Total loss of water from mains – SWW.
Window Frame and Sill NDH  
Window Fittings NDH  
Window Sash Cord NDH  
Blockages NDH Except when a blockage occurs that is not the main drain and is tenant misuse
Electrical Appliances Tenant Such as cookers, fridges, washing machines & dishwashers.
Fixtures & Fittings Tenant Such as coat hooks, curtains, curtain rails
Floor coverings Tenant Including adapting doors to accomodate carpets
Graffiti NDH You must get a Police Crime Reference Number
Infestations Tenant By ants, wasps, bees, cockroaches, mice, rats or bedbugs
Primary access paths NDH Including steps, footpaths & ramps
Pilot lights NDH Including resetting any heating controls
Plumbing repairs & leaks NDH Excluding Mis-use
Wall tiling NDH Except where customer has installed. Permission must be sought prior to installing