Ending Your Tenancy

If you decide that you would like to move out of your home you will need to give us at least 4 weeks’ notice in writing.

You can find out more about what you will need to do when you want to end your tenancy in our Ending Your Tenancy leaflet.

You can fill out the form on page 4 of this leaflet and send it to us to give notice that you want to end your tenancy.

Leaving your home in good condition

Please make sure you leave your home in good condition so that we can re-let it without having to repair things that you have damaged or change things that you have altered. We will charge you for the cost of work if we have to put things right.

Returning your keys

All keys, including those for window locks, must be returned by 12 noon on the Monday that your notice ends.  If you do not return your keys on time, we will charge you an additional week’s rent and the cost of changing the locks. 

What happens if a customer cannot sign a tenancy notice?

Sometimes a customer is unable to submit the appropriate tenancy notice due to health reasons. A relative can sign the termination notice on the customer’s behalf if they have Power of Attorney. This is also the case if written confirmation is given by a Doctor, the Care Home or a Social Worker, that the customer is unable to return home.