Changes To Occupants

If you would like to request permission to make a change to the record of occupants living in your home please complete our online form.

Examples of situations where you may need to make changes to the occupants in your household may include:

  • When you or your partner has a baby
  • When you have separated from your partner
  • When an older child has left home
  • When you would like a relative to move in with you
  • When someone in your household has died

There are some circumstances where we might not grant permission for other people to move into your home, such as:

  • If the addition creates overcrowding
  • If the person moving into your home has a known history of anti-social behaviour or other tenancy breaches.

Once you have submitted your request we will review your application and notify you of the outcome. Subject to the approval of your request, our record of people living in your home will be updated.