Changes To Tenants/ Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement is a legal document and therefore once a tenancy is created, people cannot simply be added or removed. If you would like to make changes a new tenancy agreement must be created.

If you would like to request a change to the people named on your tenancy agreement please complete our online form.

If you would like more information about how to make changes to your tenancy agreement please read our Procedure For Making Changes To A Tenancy Agreement.

Examples of situations where you may need to make changes to the people named on your tenancy agreement may include:

  • When you have separated from your partner/ spouse
  • When a person named on your tenancy agreement has died
  • When you have got married
  • When you or someone named on your tenancy agreement has changed their name by deed poll
  • When you have a new partner (please note if you would like to make someone a joint tenant, we will need to see proof that they have been living at the address for at least 12 months)

When you began renting your home from us you will have signed a tenancy agreement. You will have either a sole tenancy or a joint tenancy.

Sole tenancies

A sole tenancy is a tenancy that is in your name, or one person’s name, only.

Joint tenancies

A joint tenancy is a tenancy that is held by more than one person. Generally, joint tenancies are held by two people, who are both named on the agreement. However, a joint tenancy can be in the names of up to 4 people. All people named on the joint tenancy have equal rights and responsibilities for the tenancy.

Relationship breakdown/ separating from a partner who lives with you

When relationships breakdown between joint tenants or you separate from your partner who lives with you, it is not always easy to change the tenancy from a joint to a sole one. If your relationship breaks down please contact us as soon as possible for advice.

Succession rights when a tenant dies

If you die, your tenancy can be passed to someone else in certain circumstances. The right for someone to inherit a tenancy when the tenant dies is known as succession.

The right to inherit or succeed a tenancy depends on the type of tenancy and your relationship with the person who has died.

If you have a joint tenancy, the surviving tenant becomes the sole tenant of the property.

If you would like to make an enquiry about a tenancy succession please contact us.