Anti Social Behaviour & Neighbour Disputes

North Devon Homes is committed to creating communities where people want to live. We want to ensure that all our customers can enjoy peace, quiet and security in their homes.

Anti social behaviour (ASB) can be reported to North Devon Homes by:

  • Letter
  • Telephone
  • In Person
  • Email

Staff will offer advice, assistance and self help options to the parties involved in anti social behaviour cases so the problem can be resolved by negotiation and agreement.

When you first make contact we will carry out a risk assessment:

  • to prioritise our response to complaints received to ensure that resources are available for use in more serious cases, whilst still addressing lower level issues effectively.
  • to enable us to draw to a distinction between anti social behaviour / nuisance incidents and neighbour disputes in order to manage both more effectively
  • to ensure that all complaints are risk assessed and logged at initial contact

The completed risk assessment is then used to categorise the severity of the complaint and allocate a level of priority. This is based on the nature of the issue, the frequency, and timing of the occurrences and the level of threat to the complainant.

There are 5 possible outcomes of the risk assessment:

  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Low Risk
  • Stage Zero
  • Neighbour Dispute

Click here to view categories of ASB

Where the complaint is assessed as a neighbour dispute, a separate procedure will be followed. The person conducting the assessment will explain the procedure and a Neighbour Dispute Resolution Pack will be sent to the complainant. This pack will explain how North Devon Homes can support the complainant to resolve their dispute.

To deal with anti social behaviour effectively we must work closely with other agencies.

We recognise that other agencies will often be able to play important roles in helping to solve problems, particularly when using the specialist skills, resources or powers at their disposal.

You can also report neighbour disputes and anti social behaviour as well as many other issues via the council and they will investigate your report: