My Neighbourhood Officer

We currently have three Neighbourhood Officers who proactively manage tenancies and neighbourhoods where North Devon Homes operate. This involves dealing with a wide variety of issues and providing services some of which are outlined below:

  • Tenancy sustainment & management. This includes monitoring starter tenancies. It also involves providing support for tenants that are struggling to maintain their tenancy, or taking action against those that are not adhering to their terms and conditions.
  • Best use of existing stock. We are proactive in ensuring that our properties are used effectively and will look at the suitability of a property for a tenant. We provide support and guidance about Devon Home Choice for downsizing and better suitability.
  • Dealing with anti social behaviour. This is achieved by putting in preventative measures where possible. We work closely with other organisations such as Safer North Devon where applicable, and provide support to victims of anti- social behaviour and also perpetrators where this is required. We strive to be clear as to the actions we will take in dealing with perpetrators and follow through on these actions.
  • Improving neighbourhoods. This is done through regular monitoring of contracts such as cleaning and grounds maintenance and also regular footpath inspections.  We also liaise with our customers as part of our ‘out days’ which happen each week to determine what improvements could be made.

If you live on a site which provides housing for older people, the role of Neighbourhood Officer will be covered by your Support Officer. 

If you would like to find out who the Neighbourhood Officer is for your area please click here.

Our neighbourhood officers are pictured below.