Great British Spring Clean – how to tidy up your areas

As you may be aware this month (22nd March to 23rd April) is Great British Spring Clean set up by Keep Britain Tidy. To celebrate we’re encouraging our customers, suppliers, staff members and neighbours to all spend a little time tidying up their local areas. 

It doesn’t have to be big changes. Maybe you have a drawer at home that needs a declutter or maybe your street needs a quick litter pick, whatever needs doing we encourage you to help your neighbours and community by spending a short while cleaning up.

Below we’ve collated a few tips to organise your own clean up day, or how you can best utilise your time cleaning up inside too!

  1. Make a plan – spend a bit of time planning out what you want to clean, whether it’s a section of your street or a room in your home.
  2. Speak to your neighbours – if you are planning to clean up the general public area speak to the people around you, they may have an hour they can spare too and you’ll get it done much quicker.
  3. Start with your bedroom – a great tip is to make sure your bedroom is the first thing you clean, especially if you have a mammoth task ahead of you so you can wake up in clean surroundings, ready and raring to get going!
  4. Start by decluttering – if you can clear out items before your start cleaning you are likely to have an easier job ahead of you.
  5. Tools are your friend – whether it’s gardening tools, litter pickers, dusters or hoovers they will help save you lots of time in cleaning up your area.
  6. Ask for help – if you have a big problem in your home or area such as a hoarding issue speak to your local neighbourhood officer or local council. They may be able to help you or at least recommended a support service to help tackle the underlying issue.
  7. Consider professional help – if you have a bigger problem to tackle, consider bringing in a professional organiser. They tidy and declutter for a living so can take the stress of you!
  8. Start small – Even if you can’t commit to an hour of cleaning up your streets, just picking up a piece of litter as you walk past each day will help everyone in your community.

At North Devon Homes we have a few clean up dates planned over the next 12 months, but to start we have a Westacott area clean up day happening on 4th April and Bratton Fleming on the 11th April. If you’re in the area on those days come and say hi to the team!