Plough and Share Credit Union

We are sorry to hear and inform you that Plough and Share Credit Union went into administration on the 6th June 2017. Their affairs are being managed by Liquidators Cork Gully.

We are aware that a number of North Devon Homes customers will have savings or loans with Plough and Share.

Any savings that are held by Plough and Share are fully covered under the UK banks Financial Services Compensation Scheme and will be returned to customers automatically. If you have an outstanding loan, the repayments will need to kept up in the same way and the bank details for Plough and Share remain the same as before. North Devon Homes will no longer be accepting payments at our offices on behalf of Plough and Share and customers of the Credit Union should contact Cork Gully directly on 0333 444 0239 in respect of a query on a loan. If your query is in respect of savings the number is 0333 444 0053. All customers should receive a letter setting out the current situation from Cork Gully.