Top tips on saving money on your energy bills

To celebrate Big Energy Saving Week we’ve come up with some top tips in partnership with 361 Energy to help save you some money on your energy bills. The average household spends over £1,000 on energy each year, making it one of the biggest costs for families in the UK. There are some ways to help reduce these bills and make the most out of the power and heating we use in our homes.

big energy saving week
  1. Switch suppliers

One of the first things you should do as a resident is look to compare suppliers each time your fixed contract comes to an end. Many people don’t know that providers may switch you to a standard rate after a certain period and so your rate may be a lot higher than it needs to be. There are many websites online that will help you find the cheapest supplier and will even do the switch for you for free without the need to do any work. Take a look at this Ofgem article as they have a comprehensive list of comparison websites to use.

  1. Don’t leave on standby

Although leaving an appliance on standby can be handy when we next need to use it, it actually still uses a little bit of power while sat doing nothing. The best and most efficient thing is to switch all appliances off at the plug when not in use. This is also much safer from a fire safety perspective as well and so it’s a great habit to get into.

  1. Change to eco-friendly appliances

It may not be possible for everyone but if you’re able to upgrade your appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers to A+ or higher rated energy appliances it may be well worth your while in terms of your energy bills.

  1. Change to energy saving light bulbs

When your next light bulb runs out consider buying energy saving replacements. Although they can be a little more expensive to buy they will save you a lot of your electricity bill.

  1. Turn down your thermostat

Just switching your heating down a degree will save you a lot over the course of the year. You shouldn’t notice a degree or two lower than you’re used to.

  1. Cover up drafts

By covering up drafts under doorways, from windows or just from cold exterior walls with fabrics you can keep the heat insulated in your home much easier. Having thick curtains, soft furnishings such as sofas and rugs will make your home feel much warmer and will cut the need for heating.

  1. Turn off taps

Making yourself more water-aware will save you money on your energy. Each time you run a hot water tap in your home you not only waste water, but you also waste money heating that water in the first place. Only use what you need and you’ll save on both water and energy bills.

  1. Wash at 30 degrees

Most washing machines now are able to wash your daily loads at lower temperatures without losing any cleaning power. As long as you have a washing powder that works at 30 (they will be clearly labelled) you will find washing at 30 will cost much less as the water won’t need heating as much.

  1. Get a Free Home Energy Visit from 361 Energy

For impartial advice on getting the best energy deal, help with switching supplier, free energy efficiency items such as LEDs lights and on many other benefits call 01271 599361 or email to book your free visit . Average savings from visits are around £400!

There are many things you can do to help you save money on your energy. If you’d like to do more then please speak to someone on the team who will be more than happy to help advice you on ways you can save on your energy bills.