About NDH

North Devon Homes is a registered charity providing affordable homes for people who need them. We manage homes and deliver services to over 3,300 properties in the North Devon district area. We are committed to creating communities where people want to live and continuously invest in the neighbourhoods in which we work.

We build affordable homes to rent and buy and we also build homes for outright sale. We reinvest any profits that we make back into the provision of affordable homes for people who need them in the local area.

Our Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan was developed in consultation with customers and stakeholders and sets out our plans for the future and the goals that we want to reach by 2021.

Please click this link to download the North Devon Homes Corporate Plan 2018-2021.

Our Visions, Values & Aims


"Working together to create communities where people want to live"

We are committed to achieving this vision.  We aim to create a business culture which enables us to deliver this vision efficiently and effectively.  Our corporate values provide a clear structure which will support us in achieving this.
Our five corporate values are:

  1. Flexibility in our approach
  2. Accountable to our customers and each other
  3. Compassionate, professional and polite
  4. Team NDH - working together
  5. Service Excellence

They set out the way we want to work with each other, our customers and our partners to deliver the following objectives:

  1. Me:  placing customers at the heart of what we do
  2. My Home:  maintaining quality affordable homes
  3. My Neighbourhood:  improving, supporting and developing our neighbourhoods
  4. My Landlord:  improving and offering good value for money

Our Policies

Our policies detail what we do and how we do it.

They demonstrate our core values and principles, outline our commitments and provide a guideline for how we deliver our business strategies.

You can view some of the main policies that affect our customers here:

Policies about tenancies

Policies about repairing and maintaining homes

Policies about customer feedback, complaints and compensation

Company policies

Health and safety policies

Recruitment policies

Our Group Structure


Our Group Governance Structure