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Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance covers several services to communal areas including grass and hedge cutting, shrub maintenance and weed control.

What we cover?

  • Grass cutting – communal grass areas are cut 12 times per calendar year. Grass cutting takes place every three weeks between March and October. This may vary according to weather and ground conditions.
  • Hedge cutting – communal hedges are cut twice a year. One cut is made in January/ February with the second cut completed in September. A cut may be made outside of these times if a hedge is over growing and obscuring a public highway or path.
  • Shrubs – communal shrub areas are cut and maintained four times throughout the year.
  • The grounds maintenance service also covers the inspection and maintenance of play areas and weed control in specific paved areas and footpaths.

If this is anything you would like to know anything about the grounds maintenance where you live please contact the Customer Care Team on 01271 312500 or by email on [email protected].

Grounds work