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Damp and Condensation

Sometimes a misconception of damp may just be the cause of condensation not being dealt with and leading to mould appearing.

What is condensation?

There is always moisture in the air, even when you cannot see it. When the air gets colder, it cannot hold all the moisture and tiny drops of water appear, particularly on cold surfaces. This is condensation. Condensation mainly occurs during cold weather and tends to appear on cold surfaces and in places where there is little movement of air. Condensation can lead to mould.

You can help reduce the chance of mould by opening your windows on vent, drying your washing outside where possible, or opening windows when drying indoors and turning on extractor fans when taking a shower, bath or cooking.



Mould will appear as small black and green spots. Mould is a living organism so needs killing to get rid of it. To do this, wipe down affected areas with a fungicidal wash, remember to wear rubber gloves and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The only lasting way to avoid severe mould growth is to eliminate dampness of the air i.e. condensation.