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Ending Your Tenancy

If you decide that you would like to move out of your home, you will need to give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing. You can find out how to end your tenancy in our Ending Your Tenancy leaflet and the form can be downloaded below as well.

What happens if a customer cannot sign a tenancy notice?

Sometimes a customer is unable to submit the appropriate tenancy notice due to health reasons. A relative can sign the termination notice on the customer’s behalf if they have Power of Attorney. This is also the case if written confirmation is given by a Doctor, the Care Home or a Social Worker, that the customer is unable to return home.

What happens if the tenant has died?

In the sad event of someone passing away then our next of kin form will need to be completed to end the tenancy, this can be downloaded below. Please note we still require four weeks’ notice, which will start from the first Monday after we are informed of the notice to end the tenancy.

If the customer was in receipt of Housing Benefit this will cease on the Sunday following their death. This will mean that full rent will be charged to the estate of the deceased until the Sunday that the tenancy ends. If there is no money in the estate the family is not liable for the rent.

Leaving your home in good condition

Please make sure you leave your home in good condition so that we can re-let it without having to repair things that you have damaged or change things that you have altered. We will charge you for the cost of work if we have to put things right.


  • Remove all drawing pins, Sellotape, blue tack, stickers etc from all walls and doors
  • Kitchen units, all work surfaces, cupboards, drawers, behind cooker and sink to be thoroughly cleaned
  • All bathroom fittings, i.e. toilet, sink and bath to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Internal windows and frames to be cleaned and washed down
  • All doors, including the front door, door frames, architraves and side casings to be cleaned
  • Radiators to be cleaned at the front and as much as possible behind
  • All skirting boards to be washed down
  • All storage cupboards to be swept and mopped
  • All tiled areas to be cleaned
  • All floors to be either vacuumed or mopped
  • All rubbish to be removed totally from property and gardens


  • All effects including white goods are removed safely from the property
  • Roof space is clear and free from effects
  • All carpets (including gripper rods) and other floor coverings excluding kitchen and bathroom are removed
  • All non-standard wall fittings such as shelving and vanity units are removed including filling of holes
  • Fill all holes to walls when removing fixtures or fittings
  • Ensure all keys to doors and windows are available (including communal front door is applicable)
  • Ensure any works highlighted as your responsibility during the property inspection are completed

Garden (If applicable):

  • Remove all furniture, builders’ rubble, and general rubbish from garden
  • All grass to be cut and left no longer than 150mm
  • Cut back overgrown bushes and remove cuttings from the site
  • Fill in fishponds ensuring adequate topsoil covering (If applicable)
  • Demolish and remove all greenhouses from garden/s (If applicable)
  • Dog / cat faeces are cleared and removed (If applicable)
  • Remove shed/s unless previously agreed to leave with North Devon Homes
  • Clear outhouse and return keys

Returning your keys

All keys, including those for window locks, must be returned by the Sunday that the notice ends. If you do not return your keys on time, we will charge you an additional week’s rent and the cost of changing the locks.