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What to Expect

Before you move into a North Devon Homes (NDH) property there are a few things that you should know before starting your move. There are also a number of helpful leaflets on our information page and more information about living in your home in this section.

There are a few things that you will need to get our OK for when living in one of our homes. These permissions are set to offer a level of safety to you as a customer, your neighbours and us as your landlord and property owner.

What is included?

Our homes come unfurnished allowing you to put your own stamp on the property and decorate and furnish how you wish. You will need to provide all white goods, carpets, curtains and furniture. You may need to consider the costs of these items when considering moving to a new house.


Can I have a pet?

We are positive about pet ownership when it is sensible to do so in the type of property. Either before or during your tenancy you can ask for our OK to keep a pet in your home and we will evaluate your situation and tenancy and make a decision.

We will normally say yes to your request. However, we will say no if for example:

  • You are breeding and/or selling animals from your home
  • Where we consider your home is unsuitable

What bills do I need to pay?

When you move into an NDH home you are responsible for all utility bills, water, Council Tax and other services you take out during your tenancy. Below are some links you may find useful:

South West Water - tel: 0344 346 2020
Council Tax -

Heating Home

Can I store my mobility scooter?

If you have or are thinking of getting a mobility scooter and live in one of our homes you will need to get our OK. We understand the benefits that mobility scooters can provide and wish to support our customers who use them to retain their independence as much as is reasonably possible. However, most of our homes were built before mobility scooters were available and were not designed to accommodate them.

Issues such as safe storage, access and battery charging need to be considered prior to purchasing a mobility scooter. We will need to check that there is a suitable storage area for the scooter when you are not using it and somewhere appropriate to charge it.

How often will my rubbish be collected?

Your rubbish collections will be part of the North Devon Council collections and is not a service offered by NDH. Please store household rubbish carefully and safely. You should not put large items of household rubbish in gardens or communal areas. Bulky collections can be organised directly with NDC should you not be able to take items directly to the dump.

Collection dates can be found on the NDC website and new boxes, bins and bags can also be ordered online or by calling them on 01271 371776.

North Devon Council Recycling Van

Properties with gardens

Well kept, tidy gardens help to make neighbourhoods pleasant places to live for all residents. If you have a garden, you are responsible for maintaining:

  • Flowers and flower beds
  • Lawns
  • Hedges and shrubs
  • Gates and fences (except those that back onto public footpaths or farmland - these are maintained by NDH)

If you want to put up a shed, green house or any other construction or you would like to landscape your garden with features such as decking and patios you must get our OK first.

We have a grounds maintenance programme to help keep communal grounds tidy and looking good. This includes a number of services such as grass and hedge cutting, shrub maintenance and weed control.



If you have a vehicle and live in one of our communities, please make sure you park responsibly and considerately. Always use the authorised areas for parking your vehicles. Parking in the wrong place may cause problems for emergency services, refuse collectors or visitors.

Unless there are local parking restrictions giving a right to a particular space, residents do not have automatic rights to a parking space on a public road or in front of their home. However, residents do have a right of access to their driveway and this must not be obstructed.

In resident car parks, managed by NDH and with no allocated parking bays, spaces are filled on a first come first served basis.

Some of our car parks are permit controlled and are patrolled by a parking enforcement agency. Permits can be obtained by residents living in these homes by contacting our team. Our car parks are patrolled and enforced by Premier Park. Any queries regarding parking tickets should be directed to them on 0871 231 9907.

We will ask the council to tow away any untaxed or abandoned vehicles which are on our land, and they will charge the owner the cost of doing this.

Pest Control

From time to time, homes can get infested by various pests, which may include mice and rats, ants, wasps, fleas and other insects. We are not normally responsible for dealing with pest problems in the property, including wasps' nests. If you suspect you have a problem with pests, please contact a pest control specialist. They will give you advice and help to deal with this.

North Devon Homes is only responsible for the removal of rat’s nests located on North Devon Homes' land. On sheltered schemes we will remove wasp nests.

Please contact us to report pests from neighbouring land, if that land is also North Devon Homes' property or managed by us. This is especially important if the pests are linked to the condition of the land.

North Devon Council does not provide a pest control service to domestic premises.  Although they do not have a duty to provide pest control services, they do have enforcement duties, along with individuals, relating to pests on land.

They can investigate:

  • pests arising from neighbouring land or property
  • public health issues – for example, pests in a shop, restaurant or workplace

In these cases, they may take enforcement action. If you believe your pest issue is caused by one of these factors, please contact the Environmental Health Department via their website: Pests and infestation | North Devon Council